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Love the website! Can’t wait to see you guys and enjoy some wine together!

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  1. Lynda,
    There seems to be a bit of a problem with the 2007 Tympany wine.  I received six bottles and two bottles seemed to have just disappeared into the decanter and into glasses!
    That wine is fantastic!  If this disappearing problem continues I will have to order more wine soon. 
    Thanks for the wine

  2. An exciting (new) release from Lynda and Louis Jordan, serious wine enthusiasts turned professional. This wine takes Alexander Valley Cabernet to another level. We all know that Alexander Valley Cabernets offer such immediate drinkability with their rich, chocolaty, voluptuousness. but now you also include a tremendous interplay of Bordeaux complexity with that richness. Imagine the tension of a tightrope walker, contrasting  the earth elements, forest scents, and “after a rain” aromatics with the berry exuberance of the wildy successful, fruit forward 2007 vintage. This will age, but you’ll be tempted to enjoy it now with spinach lasagna or some flank steak. I can’t wait to taste these grapevines in another 5-10 years.
    Joel Helman
    707-473-0370 direct
    800-698-4252 main office
    Grove Street Brokers
    111 W. North Street, Healdsburg, CA 95448
    Like wine and cheese? Visit – it’s easy to send a tasty gift!

  3. Virginia Reuter

    Hi Lynda–

    We have been so much enjoying the 2007 Alexander Valley Cab. Had it last weekend with a spicy ratatouiile and it was really lovely. Doug wanted me to send you his notes:

    luscious fruit
    silky texture
    excellent Alex. Valley varietal character
    could use another 1-3 years in bottle
    very enjoyable

    I agree about another year in the bottle. Unfortunately it’s so good now, I may not have the patience.

    Love, and Happy Harvest–


  4. Can’t wait to try the wines. Just re-connected with Louis in Indianapolis and he gave me the informaiton about the wines. I’m excitedly awaiting the arrival of my case…


  5. Virginia Reuter

    Just had an amazing pesto dinner (made by Doug). We paired it with the last bottle of the 2007 Tympany Cab and spent much of the meal extolling the Cab’s merits. We decided it was in the top 4 Cabs we’ve drunk in the past 40 years. Really amazing! You guys rock at this winemaking thing! Thank you so much for sharing. Love, Virginia

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