Rain & Raccoons!

Well, we went from Mid 90’s to rain. No need to check the Brix, as the rain will drop the sugar. Now, we just wait for the sun & heat to return.

In the meantime, I have a new job as a Raccoon Relocation Specialist! I have trapped three so far. Then I load the trap into the back of the SUV & drive into the country & release them. They are so cute! They bolt out of the cage ,but then stop, turn around & look at me as if they are thanking me. Then they scurry into the wilderness.

Actually, one just looked at me when I opened the cage door. I looked down at her and said, “Go on, your Brother ran that way yesterday”. She looked out of the cage, back at me, & then sauntered out of the cage about 3 feet. Then she stopped & looked at me one last time before she ran up a tree.


One response to “Rain & Raccoons!

  1. Zainab Ali Groessner

    Nice story about the racoons!
    I have gotten so many compliments about your wine..keep it up.

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