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Black History Month

Louis and I are happy to announce that Tympany Vineyards Cabernet is once again featured at One Market Restaurant in San Francisco for Black History Month.

Both the 2013 and 2014 vintages are featured by the bottle, with the 2013 also offered by the glass.  They are paired with a special menu through the end of the month, and will be available after while supplies last.

Further information is available via One Market’s website or via the Association of African American Vintners




2019 Harvest

imageWe started harvest at 6:00am before dawn.  We finished in a beautiful sunny morning at 10:00…….it took that long for my fingers to thaw out!

The clusters look really good, and I have to admit I popped a few grapes in my mouth.  The best breakfast ever!

We are looking forward to learning our final numbers later today, after they are de-stemmed by hand.

August in the Vineyard

imageAugust started with verasion.  It’s been an almost perfect summer.  Warm days and cool nights, with a few 100+ degree days thrown in for good measure.

August is ending with the bird netting being installed, and now we wait for a week or so to start testing the sugars.

We are looking forward to a flavorful harvest!

2018 Harvest!

Saturday, October 13th was harvest day. We started at 5:45am and delivered the grapes by 10:00am.

It’s looking like a great vintage!  We will have just under 50 cases.  The brix came in at 25.8, ph was 3.71, and TA was 4.9, with good structure and flavor.

2018 Pruning

Yesterday and today were pruning days in the vineyard.  We went from 86 degrees last week to 26 degrees this morning!  We will also be planting uber vines to replace the vines that didn’t survive.


2017 Harvest

This past Monday would have been my Grandmother’s 117th birthday, and I thought of her as I helped harvest our grapes.  It has been a challenging year weather wise, with the extreme heat, interspersed with unseasonably cool days, & rain!

It made me think about the challenges she faced when immigrating to the United States from England as a little girl, and how the struggles helped to turn her into the successful, strong Woman I knew growing up.

The same goes for our grapes.  Their struggle to survive this crazy season, has turned them into what I believe will be amazing fruit, and eventually, amazing wine.  Although we only had just over a half ton of grapes, and some of the bunches were partially pruned, the berry size is the smallest we have seen.  This will result in a larger skin to fruit ratio, which will produce intense flavors.

I Can hardly wait to try this vintage & share it with you!

Happy Memorial Day

April showers brought bud break, and May is bringing fruit set!  After a record breaking rainfall this winter, we will see how this impacts our grapes this summer.

One Market Dinner

Photos from the Soul to Souls dinner last night.

Black History Month

Louis and I are so excited to announce we will be pouring our wine at One Market in San Fransico on Wednesday, February 22nd for a pop up dinner celebrating Black History Month!

Check out “Soul to Souls”  on their website for information, and to make reservations

We look forward to seeing you there!

Sips and Soul

News Flash!

We are happy to announce we have been chosen as one of ten wineries to pour wine at the third annual Sips and Sould at 1300 Filmore in San Francisco tonight celebrating Black History Month!  Our 2008 will be matched with one of their food pairings.  We will also be pouring our 2009, 2010, and 2011.