2017 Harvest

This past Monday would have been my Grandmother’s 117th birthday, and I thought of her as I helped harvest our grapes.  It has been a challenging year weather wise, with the extreme heat, interspersed with unseasonably cool days, & rain!

It made me think about the challenges she faced when immigrating to the United States from England as a little girl, and how the struggles helped to turn her into the successful, strong Woman I knew growing up.

The same goes for our grapes.  Their struggle to survive this crazy season, has turned them into what I believe will be amazing fruit, and eventually, amazing wine.  Although we only had just over a half ton of grapes, and some of the bunches were partially pruned, the berry size is the smallest we have seen.  This will result in a larger skin to fruit ratio, which will produce intense flavors.

I Can hardly wait to try this vintage & share it with you!


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